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NIO Adult = New Intraosseous Device

NIO offers unparallel performance, ergonomics and usability for rapid and safe intraosseous access to multiple locations.



NIO is a simple, automatic IntraOsseous (IO) device ready to use for safe, quick and easy vascular access.
NIO is used in emergency situations, when vascular access is needed for fluid and drug administration. NIO is small, light, and easy to use in even the most demanding situations.
NIO is designed to be easily injected into either the tibia or the humerus in all clinical settings.


  • Sterile
  • Ready To Use
  • User friendly
  • No exposed needle
  • Pocket sized & lightweight ~100g
  • No external power source or battery
  • Vascular access in 10 seconds
  • Disposable and single use
  • No maintenance required
  • Safety features
  • 5 year shelf life



Comparison of Two Intraosseous Devices: The NIO versus the EZ-IO by Novice Users - a randomized cross over trial.

Product Code Description Size Min Order Items/Unit Shipper Qty
NIO/A NIO Adult Intraosseous Device Adult 1 unit/1 12
NIO/TRK-A NIO Adult Intraosseous Training Kit Adult 1 kit/1 6