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HeartSine Technologies is a world leader in developing Automated External Defibrillators. The pedigree hails from the development of the worlds first portable defibrillator in the 1960’s.



With the advancement of technology HeartSine are still ahead of the rest, with the unrivalled ICG based real-time CPR feedback technology.

Small, light, highest durability in the industry, visual and audible prompts, low maintenance, superior pad technology, advanced SCOPE shock delivery technology - the list of superior features goes on.

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Product Code Description Size Min Order Items/Unit Shipper Qty
PAD-500P Samaritan Defibrillator with CPR advisor 1 unit/1 1
PAD-350P Samaritan Defibrillator Sam 350P 1 unit 1
PAD-360P Samaritan Defibrillator Sam 360P Autoshock - 1 unit/1 10
PAD-PAK-03 Samaritan Adult Pad-Pak (grey) Adult 1 pack/1 1
PAD-PAK-04 Samaritan Paediatric Pad Pak Paediatric 1 unit/1 1
GTB2712OE-AED Explorer Hard Case 27cm x 12cm 1 case/1 1
HS-WC-001 Standard Wall Cabinet 470mm x 370mm x 145mm 1 cabinet/1 1
HS-WC-003 Alarmed Wall Cabinet 470mm x 370mm x 145mm 1 cabinet/1 1
RB002AED AED Medium Red First Aid Bag 240mm x 180mm x 70mm 1 unit/1 1
PE-1500D Dessicant, Reusable Silica Gel 40g 1 unit/1 1
PAD-CAB-02 Samaritan PAD Wire Bracket one size 1 bracket/1 1
PAD-ACC-02 Samaritan USB Cable one size 1 unit/1 1
AED-PK1 AED Premium Prep Kit one size 1 kit/1 1
PAD-ACC-05 AED Wall Sign Sticker 225mm x 300mm 2 sticker/1 2
PAD-ACC-06 AED ON SITE Sticker 100mm x 120mm 5 unit/1 100
PAD-ACC-07 AED Wall Sign Poly 225mm x 300mm 1 unit/1 1
PAD-ACC-10 Angle Bracket Wall Sign 225mm x 225mm 1 sign/1 1