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AERO Healthcare offers a range of lightweight and high strength aluminium stretchers. These are available in a range of sizes and fold in different ways for convenient storage.



STR-01 - Weight limit: 160Kg

Folds into a compact carry case measuring 64cm x 27cm x 13cm


STR-02 - Weight limit: 160kg

Popular basic stretcher offering great value for money. Folds to 103cm x 18cm x 10cm in a convenient carry bag


STR-03 - Weight limit: 160kg

Single fold stretcher that folds down to 207cm x 13cm x 9cm


STR-05 - Weight limit: 160kg

Stretcher with wheels and handles for emergency patient transport. Folds to 93cm x 52cm x 9cm


STR-06 - Weight limit 160kg

Scoop stretcher designed for gently scooping up a a patient while maintaining the found position minimising the risk of further injury. Extendable head rest for 170cm-190cm patient size. Folds 172cm x 43cm x 6cm


STR-07 - Weight limit 135kg

Spine board Stretchers facilitate transfer and extrication of patients from vehicles and confined spaces.


STR-08 - Weight limit 205kg

Sturdy and flexible with quick reliable fittings and special sling equipment, the basket avaition stretcher is ideal for all types of aid in special situations such as lifting and transport by helicopter. Materials are fire proof and highly resistant to wear and corrosion.


STR-09 - Weight limit 205kg

The collapsible basket stretcher has the same application as the STR-08 but detaches in half for ease of storage. Folds to 126cm x 645cm x 21cm


STR-11 - Weight limit 160kg

Lightweight aluminium alloy construction specially designed for transporting patients up or down stairs. Handles extend for greater leverage.


Product Code Description Size Min Order Items/Unit Shipper Qty
STR-01 Emergency Pole Stretcher Quad Fold 214cm x 54cm x 13cm 1 unit/1 1
STR-02 Emergency Pole Stretcher Dual Fold 207cm x 54cm x 14cm 1 unit/1 1
STR-03 Emergency Pole Stretcher Single Fold 207cm x 54cm x 13cm 1 unit/1 1
STR-05 Emergency Pole Stretcher Single Fold 185cm x 51cm x 21cm 1 unit/1 1
STR-06 Aluminum Alloy Scoop Stretcher 190cm x 43cm x 6cm 1 unit/1 1
STR-07 Large Plastic Spine Board Stretcher 184cm x 45cm x 6cm 1 unit/1 1
STR-08 Basket Aviation Stretcher 220cm x 65cm x 17cm 1 unit/1 1
STR-09 Basket Aviation Stretcher - Collapsible 220cm x 65cm x 17cm 1 unit/1 1
STR-11 Staircase Ambulance Stretcher 117cm x 61cm x 91cm 1 unit/1 1