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The AEROINSTRUMENT range offers a wide range of surgical instruments manufactured from high quality stainless steel components to suit first aid requirements.





The AEROINSTRUMENT Range offers a wide range of surgical instruments made from high quality components to suit individual requirements.

Assorted sizes and specifications have been selected for use in common first aid procedures. On sale this month!


Product Code Description Size Min Order Items/Unit Shipper Qty
ASP12 AEROPINS Safety Pins Assorted Sizes 500 bag/12 2000
ASP100 AEROPROBE Splinter Probes 3.7cm 1 box/100 50
ASP200 Splinter Probe Double Ended 11cm 1 box/100 40
ESP100 Eye Spears 7cm 1 box/100 12
ARZ001 Surgical Prep Razor 11cm 1 box/50 10
AFG11 Magnifying Glass Head Forceps S/S 11cm 25 forceps/1 750
AFB13 Forceps Blunt S/S 13cm 50 forceps/1 2000
AF13 Forceps Sharp S/S 13cm 50 forceps/1 2000
AFSF12 Forceps Super Fine S/S 12cm 50 forceps/1 2000
AFP13 Forceps Fine with Pin S/S 13cm 50 forceps/1 2000
AFP11 Forceps Plastic Disposable 11cm 1 forceps/1 3000
AFF8 Forceps Fine S/S 8cm 100 forceps/1 4000
AF9 Tweezers Spade S/S 9cm 100 tweezers/1 4000
ABB13 Scissors Blunt/Blunt S/S 13cm 12 scissors/1 864
ASS13 Scissors Sharp/Sharp S/S 13cm 12 scissors/1 864
ASC13 Scissors Sharp/Blunt S/S 13cm 12 scissors/1 432
ASC11 Scissors Wire Sharp/Sharp 11cm 10 scissors/1 1000
ASP11 Scissors Plastic Handle S/S 11cm 12 scissors/1 1008
ASS9 Scissors Sharp/Sharp S/S 9cm 12 scissors/1 1200
ASP9 Scissors Plastic Handle S/S 9cm 30 scissors/1 1200
USP15 Universal Shears Small 15cm 10 shears/1 500
USP19 Universal Shears Regular 19cm 10 shears/1 300
ASL14 Scissors Lister S/S 14cm 12 scissors/1 600
ASL18 Scissors Lister S/S 18cm 12 scissors/1 300
GD02065 Multi Purpose Scissors 245mm 1 unit/1 1