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Optrex, Celluvisc and Refresh are unique eye wash formulations for the soothing and relief of tired and dry eyes, and the relief of eye irritations.



Optrex Eye Lotion is a moisture replenishing formula balanced to the natural Ph level of tears and will gently bathe, rehydrate and soothe tired or uncomfortable eyes

Celluvisc Eye Drops are a relieving solution for severe dry eyes and are preservative free to avoid the risk of induced irritation to the eye

Refresh Eye Drops relieve irritated, dry and tired eyes, and can also be used for in eye lubrication of contact lenses

Product Code Description Size Min Order Items/Unit Shipper Qty
ACED30 Celluvisc Eye Drops 0.4ml 1 box/30 40
ARED10 Refresh Eye Drops 0.4ml 1 box/10 24
ARED30 Refresh Eye Drops 0.4ml 1 box/30 40