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AEROWASH Solutions are a safe and trusted cleansing remedy for cleaning contaminents from eyes and wounds.



 Strictly Sodium Chloride

  • AEROWASH is made up strictly of Sodium Chloride 0.9% sterile solution which is safe and cleansing for eyes and wounds.

 Easy to Use

  • AEROWASH is available in twist off ampoules or in a tear off sachet, both of which are convenient and easy to use in an emergency.

Product Code Description Size Min Order Items/Unit Shipper Qty
AW1000 Sodium Chloride Eyewash Ampoule 15ml 1 box/500 1
AW1060 Sodium Chloride Eyewash Ampoule 15ml 1 box/60 12
AW30 Sodium Chloride Irrigation Solution 30ml 1 box/30 8
AW1014 Sodium Chloride Satchet 30ml 1 box/50 12