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NEW release - The new BRAYDEN manikin lets your students see the real point of CPR - 
getting blood flow to the brain and other organs. Watch the Video below.



The new Brayden Manikin lets your students see the real point of CPR - getting blood flow to the brain and other organs.

Animated visual tools are the most effective form of learning as they assist in memory retention. The Brayden Manikin assists in exactly this way, using animated LED lights under the skin to show your students the effect their CPR Compression Depth, Speed and Recoil has on getting blood flow to the brain in accordance with ARC guidelines.



Brayden CPR Manikin chest compression indicating lightsChest Compression Indicating Lights represent the volume of blood being circulated by the depth of the chest compressions. These will only fully light when the depth of compressions is over 5cm, in accordance with ARC guidelines.

Brayden CPR Manikin blood circulation indicating lightsBlood Circulation Indicating Lights represent the flow of blood from the heart to the brain. The speed of the blood flow shown varies according to the depth and speed of compressions. These will only fully light once the rate of compressions are at a rate of 100-120 per min, in accordance with ARC guidelines.

Brayden CPR Manikin chest compression indicating lightsCPR Quality Indicating Lights represent that blood is reaching the brain. These will only fully light when the depth and speed of the compressions are both correct to ARC guidelines.

The Brayden CPR Manikin has a realistic head title, chin lift and nose pinch for mouth-to-nose ventilation - with a highly realistic chest movement. An audible clicker gives feedback for Compression Depth at the flick of a switch. For superior hygiene, the air from Brayden's disposable lungs exit through the back of the head - students will never come into contact with exhaled air. The Brayden CPR Manikin is anatomically correct and has a latex-free skin that is easy to clean, and that AED pads are easily removed from.



Now with multiple mode options, the new Dual Mode Brayden is an invaluable tool in teaching correct CPR technique, offering increasing levels of complexity to students.

Mode 1
Students learn ideal CPR compression speed (rate of 100–120 per minute) with effective depth (above 5cm). This mode focuses on technique and speed, including full recoil.

Mode 2
Students perfect their CPR compression to ideal depth (between 5-6 cm) and speed. This mode focuses on technique, speed, full recoil and not over-compressing.

Demonstration Mode
Show students blood flow under normal heart function.

Ideal for scenario based training - start in Demonstration Mode then simulate Sudden Cardiac Arrest by turning the power off. Start a CPR challenge and see which students can maintain the best blood flow to the brain! When choosing a CPR Manikin, consider the importance of visual feedback to assist learning. The unique Brayden is undoubtedly the best manikin for the ultimate CPR Learning experience.

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- Cleaning and Hygiene during and after use
- Research: Cleaning Procedures Review



We have recently upgraded to the new Brayden. I have never had such success in teaching CPR as I'm having with these new units. The light function fascinates the students and they are more focussed on hand placement, depth of compression and compression speed than they have ever been, simply because they're not waiting for me to assess them, they are self-assessing based on the forehead light.

Very, very happy with these units overall. Made my job a whole lot easier and hopefully, resulted in better trained CPR practitioners. Karl - First Aid Instructer, NSW
The reaction has been amazing - we use other manikins, but everyone gets rotated through onto Brayden! Once I need to replace my other 20 manikins, I will certainly be looking at replacing them with Brayden. Sue - First Aid Instructer, NSW
I have been a Paramedic professional for more than 20 years, and taught First Aid for just as long. Last week I used the Brayden Manikins in a real class of Fire Fighters whom regularly renew their CPR every 6 months. I could not stop them from CPR training and they wanted to show the rest of the crews on station.

I have always been asked by students "how am I going?? is it deep enough?? is it fast enough??" and my reply was always it looks about right or maybe a little deeper but honestly it was just a guess. With the global CPR focus now being towards quality compressions, the Brayden Manikins are a game changer.Grant - Queensland Ambulance Service


iF World Design Guide Design Award Winner 2016

In a world first for CPR Manikins, Brayden has won the iF design award for the Medicine & Health category 2016! The quality of design and effective function are widely recognised in this award.

As with any training, it is widely recognised that the most effective form of learning is using animated visual tools to assist in memory retention. Brayden assists in this way, showing the effective of compression depth and speed and their correlation to effective blood flow to the brain.

When choosing a CPR Manikin, consider the importance of a cpr manikin with visual feedback to assist learning.



 1Features Chest Rise  2Features Head Tilt  3Features Nose Pinch
 Realistic Chest Rise  Head Tilt Clear Airway  Nose Pinch
4Features Anatomical Correct 5Features Easy Clean Up 5Features Harmless Latex Free Skin
Anatomically Correct   Easy to Clean  Latex Free Skin
7Features Audible Clicker 8Features Traceability 9Features Dual Power Source
 Audible Clicker Traceability  Dual Power Source 
10Features Removable Chin 11Features Arificial Lung In Slot  12Features Attach Lung 
 Removable Chin Insert Artificial Lung  Attach Lung to Chest 

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