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AEROSHIELD, AEROMASK and AEROBREATHE provide a selection of protective and airway management products for pre-hospital treatment on injured patients, and to assist in the safe application of essential CPR.



'NEW RELEASE' CPR Mannequin Face Shield

A mannequin CPR face shield supplied on a roll in a dispensing box for CPR Mannequin training.

New advanced film which feels like skin.

New dispenser box for ease of dispensing.

New heatwelded antimicrobial filter.

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CPR Face Shield

A disposable faces shield made with a tough vinyl and a one way valve for safe application of essential CPR

Keyring CPR Face Shield

An AFS001 disposable face shield packed in a sturdy pouch with keyring for convenient and safe CPR application

Surgical Mask

A quality surgical mask for protection against infection, also available with a clear eye shield for enhanced protection

Product Code Description Size Min Order Items/Unit Shipper Qty
AFS001 Disposable Face Shield 200 shield/1 600
AFS002 Disposable Face Shield 12 box/10 144
ASK001 Keyring CPR Face Shield 12 Keyring/1 200
ASK002 Keyring with Shield & Gloves 12 Keyring/1 200
ASM01 CPR Mannequin Face Shields 1 roll/36 40
AM01 CPR Mask in Hard Cover 1 mask/1 36
AMV01 One Way Valve for Am01 to suit AM01 1 valve/1 500
P201 Respirator P2 Disposable Adult 20 Mask/1 240
SM01 Surgical Mask Adult 50 Mask/1 1000
SM01V Surgical Mask with Visor Adult 1 box/25 10